Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Day in San Francisco

Its been awhile since I posted on my blog - I got distracted and out of the habit. But, I'd like to share about a recent fun day that I spent in San Francisco at the Ferry Building. I've finished 2 sketches so far, but I took many photos so I may do more. My husband was attending a day long workshop, and he invited me to go along and spend the day at the Ferry Building while he was in class. We planned to meet up later for dinner. He suggested that I use my time to sketch and paint. It sounded like a fun idea to get away for the day. It would take me away from my normal routine and "free me up" to sketch and paint. 

I arrived in San Francisco as I got off Bart at the Hyatt Regency at the Embarcadero Center. I found myself in the middle of a lot of activity on a Saturday morning.  Just outside there was a row of craft booths. I snooped around a bit and found several interesting items, and then continued across the street the Ferry Building. Outside I wandered through the Saturday Farmer's Market and saw many things that would have been fun to buy. But, being 'on foot' for the whole day sure limited my shopping options. Later I wandered through the shops inside. 

I kept looking for a quiet place to sit and sketch .... but there were crowds everywhere and few places to sit. I finally found some place to sit, but by the time I picked up some lunch and returned -- the seats were taken. Bummer. So... I ventured in the little bookshop to kill some time. Finally around 3pm I found a place to sit and sketch and I started sketching this page. I finished the next day at home.

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Kathy A. Johnson said...

Fun, Claire! I've been to the Ferry Building, and there is a lot to sketch. Hope you do some more sketches and share them.