Thursday, March 31, 2011

More family collaboration

My oldest son continues with his homebrewing hobby and this post contains the latest beer labels that we collaborated on. He gets pretty creative in brewing his batches of beer from scratch - and he comes up with interesting names for them. Working on the labels has been an interesting adventure for us in collaboration over the internet - he sends me the info, I make up a label and send him the jpeg. He prints them out and applies them to his bottles. Of course.... it would be even better if we were under the same roof and could taste his creations together!! 

Links to previous posts for beer labels:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Beginning to explore Ireland

The page on the calendar has turned to March, the hills near home are green, and St. Patrick's day is coming soon. I'm starting to feel a bit Irish.  All together it seems like the perfect time to do some exploring of Ireland. I'm doing just that as I'm traveling on another imaginary trip with Laure Ferlita through Ireland. I continute to be amazed at how much fun and how much learning that I get out of these 'imaginary trips' .... without ever leaving home!!