Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NOLA: An afternoon in the Garden District

Our excursion on Wednesday to the Garden District included a ride on the St. Charles trolley using our "Jazzy Pass". It was fun looking at the interesting architecture of the homes in the district as we rode by on the Trolley. Our first stop was to visit the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.  There were grey clouds in the sky and the drops of rain that came our way as we wandered through the cemetery. Interesting to look at the variety of graves and markers. I wandered outside the gate and SURPRISE.... across the street was the famed Commander's Palace - our destination for lunch. So, while I waited for my travel buddies I got out my trusty stool and art supplies and I sketched the bright blue building as I sat along the sidewalk. I added the paint later at home. It was another fun-filled day during my NOLA Adventure 2011!!

P.S. Yes, the stitches down the center that you see are an indication that I am half way through my journal!!