Friday, October 26, 2012

NOLA: Napoleon House

What a delightful dinner in the quaint Napoleon House! I enjoyed reading about the building's storied past while we waited for our dinner. It was a fun place for our group of painting buddies to enjoy dinner and a drink together. Next time I visit NOLA I'll have to go back! 

<<< This is page 23 in my NOLA Live! journal from my visit in 2011. >>>

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Final images from Oak Alley Plantation from my 2011 visit

During our tour of the Oak Alley Plantation we saw many interesting artifacts and learned interesting historical tidbits. We were greeted at the front door by a cheerful woman dressed in period attire. The home was finished in 1839 for a couple married in 1834. The architect was the father of Salina, the wife. The 28 Oak trees were planted in the early 1700's by an unknown Frenchman - with 14 leading up the front door and 14 leading out the back. The Oak trees provide a beautiful canopy of shade on the paths leading to and from the home.  The home was furnished with period furniture including a rare "Punka" or "Shoefly Fan", for which the slaves would pull a cord to move it during dinner. Even the beds were unusual - one was called a "Rolling Pin Bed" and the master bedroom included a "Pineapple bed" - with wood cut pineapples as a sign of welcome.  A rusted bell hung in the garden at the side of the house. The bell reminded me of our own family bell that my Father got from the World's Fair in San Francisco in the early 1900's. I was intrigued hearing about the "Courter's Candle' and took some pictures of a souvenier one in the gift shop. 

We concluded our visit with lunch in the Cafe. I enjoyed a meal of Chicken Fricasse, Buttrmilk pie, and Iced Tea. After lunch we all visited the gift shop to find a few special things to remember our visit.  It was a fascinating visit and I hope to visit again in the future. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

More images from Oak Alley Plantation

I remember walking around the Oak Alley Plantation house as we waited for our tour and feeling like a little kid as so many details caught my eyes. I wanted to capture as much of it as I could, so I took oodles of photos to sketch and paint from later on. Having a son studying architecture heightened my interest in a lot of the details, and my own love of the outdoors and gardening attracted me to the garden with all of the manicured hedges. Throughout our tour, and walking around the grounds, I kept wondering what it must have been like to have lived in this beautiful home and peaceful setting.....