Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A doodle a day .... ?

Everyday I try to incorporate some form of art as a way of adding 'sunshine' or 'color' to my life.  I find great happiness in sketching and painting and sharing my creations with you on my blog. This focus on art also makes me more aware of and appreciate artistic things that come my way. So I was fascinated this morning to read a headline on the internet "For Google, doodles are oodles of surprise".  I just had to check it out with my morning coffee. Ever wonder about those creative takes on the Google logo? Check out the article. I found it interesting to know more about where these doodles come from, and I thought it was an interesting coincidence that the Google doodles are created about 20 minutes from my house...

Have a great day and find some time to doodle!! 


Laure Ferlita said...

Thanks for the link, Claire! What a fun job (or so it sounds)!

So glad you're making art a daily part of your life - when I go too long without some dose of art in my day, it really begins to feel like I'm out of step with life.

And I am!

mariannepost said...

Claire, interesting article. Thought I might try doing the same with my name instead of just mindless doodling. Could be a fun challenge. Thanks for the inspiration.

lori vliegen said...

great article (i love the part where they say they don't take life too seriously!!)!! here's to a google doodle a day!! :))

chrissy said...

i have to admit that im commenting THEN going to read that article.
i LOVE to doodle too
your doodles are most likely way doodleier than mine however. (is that a word?)
i can.t believe i was in san jose and that.s where you live.
do you ever go up and take classes at the presentation center?
merry google doodles.

Krista Meister said...

Very interesting, Claire! You are sunshine and color in our lives as well!

chrissy said...

hey claire.
it.s chrissy again.
thanks for your sweet comments on my retreat.
you SHOULD go visit the presentation center.
it.s a fun little place to go and wander.
funny enough, i don.t consider myself a photographer. i just LIKE to take photos.
i have a nikon D60. it.s a digital SLR. very basic.
you can buy it at costco.
also, i don.t have photoshop or anything to make my photos fun and fancy so what "i" see is what "you" get.
hope that helps.
what did you doodle today?
be happy.