Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunday morning in SLO

All is well.... a relaxing morning with my husband over a special cup of coffee at Peets in San Luis Obispo.... our college town many years ago...  But, this time we had returned to pick-up our middle son (and all of his stuff) so that he could venture abroad for a year of foreign study.  


Kathy A. Johnson said...

I love your page, Claire. A great way to remember a special day.

lori vliegen said...

there's nothing like a perfect sunday morning with your special guy and a yummy cup of coffee! congrats on your son's upcoming thrilling to be studying abroad!!! xox, :))

Scrappy Cat said...

What an exciting time for your middle son to be going abroad! Our son spent a semester in Italy and loved it. Glad to hear your mom is doing well. Sounds like you've been really busy.

Teresa said...

I love your journal pages, Claire. A just-right combination of color, composition, whimsy and pizazz.

Hope your son enjoys his year abroad.

chrissy said...

oh claire! missed you.
how fun to revisit your college town...i love it when we do that. we once took our kiddos to our old pizza place...they were horrified!
it looked better when i was 19 i guess!
loves to you.

Julie Bagamary said...

Hello Claire, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes - the Asheville Quilt Show had many wonderful quilts!!

Krista Meister said...

Glad to see you posting again, Claire! Where is your son going to be studying?


FYI: Sorry I’ve been out of touch recently. Among other things, I recently switched blogging platforms. All previous links to my blog have been broken as I am no longer with Typepad. My domain name is still but my blog has now been moved to

I hope you’ll stop by and re-bookmark the new blog if you wish!

john.p said...

Sounds like a quiet moment in a busy time of life, at least busy for family members. Seems like a moment rightfully savored over a cuppa. Nice capture of the moment!