Monday, January 10, 2011

A few focus words for my year in 2011

Ok, now that my last Christmas ornament has been put away.... I can move on to 2011 thoughts/plans/ideas etc.The past 2 years I've followed others and adopted a word for the year. 2009 was 'Bloom' and 2010 was 'Clarity'. Over the holidays I let different words float around in my head - as I wondered what word would accompany me in 2011?  

I finally adopted the words 'Color My World' for 2011. I got the idea of these words when I saw a rubber stamp on the Elvie Studio blog with the words "Color Your World'. I was instantly smitten with the darling stamp - but more importantly, the words just kept nudging me. I know this phrase is more than a single word, but there is an idea here that really speaks to me for 2011. It might be another way of saying 'Intention' for the year, and I've changed the middle word to 'My' to make it more personal.

In the past couple of years I have realized how important color is in my life. My current passion for color is most obvious with sketching and painting. But, beyond luscious watercolors... I'm drawn to color in flowers, colorful foods at the farmer's market, sprinkles for cookies/cupcakes, fabrics, papers, beads or jewels, paints, pens, pencils, or even crayons. Sometimes I wear something colorful, but usually I prefer to wear neutrals. But I find that my spirits are lifted when I have colors around.

Beyond the colors of the rainbow, the phrase "Color My World" reminds me that I have some amount of choice, initiative or intention to contribute. Just how do I want to color:  
my life? 
a particular day? 
my role as mom? wife? daughter? sister? friend?
my art?

I have a couple of quotes/reflections on crayons to ponder through the year.  Each day I can consider and reflect - what colors are in my box of crayons today

I'm looking forward to a colorful year in 2011, and I wish you a colorful 2011 as well.

Looking for more info? see the following links:
 - 'Word of the Year' - Christine Kane
 - Color Your World rubber stamp - Elvie Studio on Etsy


Katherine Thomas said...

Thats a great theme for the year! Good for you! I look forward to seeing your creativity this year!

Kathy A. Johnson said...

Nice choice, Claire. I wish you a rainbow-colored 2011!

Cheryl Gebhart said...

Hi Claire, I think that's a great choice for words of the year. I like your sketch at the top. I love color too. I had seen Elvie Studio a few days ago too - some link took me to it. I wonder if we followed the same link? LOL!!

chrissy said...

i love lori.s blog. isn.t she just so creative and funny?
i think your wordS of the year are PERFECT. i love them. it makes me think that MAYBE i can pick MORE than one word too?
i love your outlook
just . like. you.

lori vliegen said...

claire, i can't think of a more perfect theme for your new year! you are such a colorful person (isn't that amazing how i know that and we haven't "formally" met yet?!!!), and that's bound to spill over into other aspects of your life.....especially your fabulous artwork! i'm already loving the colorful little banner you's perfect! i'm wishing you a creative year that's as vibrant and colorful as a bowl of m&m's!!! xoxo, :)))
p.s. and thanks so much for the linky love!! xo

Mermaid's Palette said...

Loved your post and look forward to following your colorful year!

Caroline Roberts said...

Hi Claire,

I'm so glad someone else ignored all the 'one word' rules! I love your phrase, and when you questioned how you want to color your roles in life it resonated very deeply with me.

Here's to color, wherever we place it!

Kelly said...

i love your word(s)!! It's a great choice and such a happy one too. I can't wait to see how you color your world through your sketchbook!

Teresa said...

Hi Claire... that's a fun theme for your new year! Don't you find that the more art you make the more colors you see in everything around you? Making art has all kinds of little perks!

freebird said...

That's a fine choice of words. I am surprised because just today I signed up for a class called Color Your World.
I don't know what to expect from it but it sounded positive and upbeat and colorful so I took the plunge. I guess I want a colorful new year too!

Claire M said...

Thank you all for your interest and encouragement as I go on a journey to have a very colorful 2011.

Freebird - I tried to send you an email from your profile page, but I kept getting errors.... I can't believe that you found a 'Color Your World' class - amazing. I'm super overbooked right now but how can I pass up such a direct connection to what I'm feeling for this year. I think I'll sign up even if I can't finish all the assignments. It will certainly get me thinking more about my journey.

freebird said...

Would love to see you there Claire! Can't imagine what's going on with my email. I'll take a look at it.

Shannon Wilson said...

Thanks for leading me to your blog, Claire! I love it. I especially love this post. What a wonderful theme for a new year. It reminds me of the quote by Sark, "Invent your world. Surround yourself with people, colors, sounds, and work that nourish you." Check your mailbox in the next few days for a little something about "breathing." :)