Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Admiralty Head Lighthouse - view from afar

First view of Admiralty Head Lighthouse (WA) - Claire

This page was painted from a photo that my son sent me back in June of the Admiralty Head Lighthouse in Washington state .... he took the picture as he passed by on his bike. He knows how I've developed an interest in lighthouses over the years. I looked up this lighthouse on the web to find out more about it. To my surprise.... I found out that my son's view of the lighthouse only captures the top floor. There is more that you can't see from this image.

We later visited my son and I got to see the 'whole thing' for myself and take pictures for future paintings.


Joanne said...

I'll bet the rest of that lighthouse on the other side of the hill is majestic. There is just something about lighthouses that captures our attention, something about the sea, and life and looking out at the world.

Cheryl Gebhart said...

It's just so special that your son sends you photos for you to paint, and you did a great job with this. As I told you in NOLA, I love lighthouses too, and this is a beautiful view.