Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family favorites - the Coffee Cake

My son recently asked me to send him a family favorite recipe - a coffee cake. The recipe came from my grandmother's friend a long, long time ago. In this 2-page spread I've included a copy of my original copy of the recipe, written in my little-girl handwriting many years ago, a bit of the more modern and healthy version that I found in the newspaper, and the email THANK YOU I received from my son for the recipe.

It warms my heart to think of this recipe being handed down 4 generations. Raising 3 boys, who would have thought that cooking would create such a bond with my boys and cooking. It makes me smile!!


Margaret Ann said...

This is such a swwet dear post...What a treasure to have the original recipe...and what a beautiful spread to have all this together! Brought a few tears on this end! :)

redryno11 said...

Awesome mom, your art work is really wonderful... if you ever want to mail me something to hang up in my room... don't hesitate, very proud!

Keep sharing recipes too!!!

vickylw said...

I love this spread in your journal! Recipes handed down in families are so much richer in meaning.

I also have 3 sons (plus 1 first-born girl who still tries to keep them in line)--- our youngest is also in the Navy, on a carrier.

Thanks for sharing this -- I'll have to try it out!


Pat said...

Your post made me smile too.

Pat said...

I went over to your blog today to have my coffee break and found that you had not posted anything new. It gave me the chance to look at older posts. When I came across this one I thought I would leave a comment. Well when I look at the comments I found that I had left a comment a few weeks ago. You can see I that this drawing has giving me such pleasure that I have commented on it twice. Hope all is well with you.

Claire M said...

Nice to see your latest comment here - it brought a smile to my face. Sharing these simple art images with my 'blog friends' is so fun -- it makes me feel almost like I'm sitting down for coffee and sharing them with friends in person.