Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Citrus time

Winter brings some cold, dark, and bleak times. Winter also brings some special times - cuddling up to get warm, holidays with family, the freshness after a rain, and even rainbows. One of the things that I look forward to in winter is the ripening of the lemons on my tree. I have a dwarf Meyer lemon in my backyard. The tree grows sweet lemons that remind me of the lemon tree at my childhood home. Dad always talked about the Meyer lemons and how they were the best kind. Turned out that my mother-in-law thought the same thing - they were the star of her Lemon Meringue pie. Its so nice to see the lemons on the tree now -- almost as if they were giant ornaments on the tree.


bubblemunch said...

Lovely bright page. Great composition. It could be an 'appendix' to Kim's Lemon book!!

Megha said...

Absolutely nice!

Kim Saxe said...

Hi Claire,

Lovely page. Aren't lemons fun? Like the grid, too. I find it gives the page - and me - structure!

Hope to sketch together some time,

Margaret Ann said...

This is a luscious sketch on so many levels...I love the grid composition for this! Your words are such a perfect addition... I have heard people raving about those lemons before...we have a lemon tree too but they are just the regular type....and OOOOH MY! could I ever go for a slice of that pie right now...Great baking tip...A yummy spread!

KB said...

I like the way you sectioned this into a grid. Very cool!