Monday, July 20, 2009

Jackpot Part II - Passing it on ....

Finally, it is time for me to ‘pass it on’ and present these awards to 7 other bloggers. I am presenting the following awards:

The Stroke of the Brush Award:

Margaret at Water Blossoms: I love checking in to Margaret’s page to see what she is up to. I get energized just visiting her site – she has so much enthusiasm. Margaret posts quite a variety of images – from lovely paintings to intricate zentangles and ATC cards. I also love the inspiring quotes that she frequently posts.

Mary at Art Adventures: Mary is really taking advantage of her free time, and painting is just one of her passions. I envy the time that she can now devote to her art.

Kreativ Blogger Award:

Winna at Winna’s World: Winna’s pages are a wonder to look at as she incorporates so many things into a page. They remind me of rich tapestries.

John at John a Lookin' Around: It is fun to check-in at John’s blog to see journal pages from a male perspective. I find his pages very interesting- from his trips, stories about family treasures and memories.

Karen at Sketch Blog: Karen has a full life with young children at home, and her pages frequently record the events of the day. Her pages are fun to see, and they bring back many happy memories to me as well.

A Passion for Painting Award:

Liz at Adventures of Borromini: Earlier this year Liz painted several images of china tea cups that really caught my eye. They were lovely pages and gave me the idea that recording family treasures on journal pages would be a nice keepsake.

Lin at linfrye's photostream: Lin recently painted numerous images of Italy that really got me in the mood to travel! She painted some images while still in the US by using images on Google Maps. That sure was an interesting idea! Additional images were painted during her travels abroad.

Congratulations to you all!! You have all been a source of inspiration!! Now it is your turn to 'pass it on'....


KB said...

WOW! Thanks Claire! That definitely made my day!

Margaret Ann said...

OOOOH MY! Thanks Claire..How very thoughtful of you... I will give this special mention as part of my Thankful Thursday blogpost next week. :)