Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Old Man under the Bridge

<<< from my adventures in 
Laure Ferlita's An Imaginary Trip to Paris class >>>

Several of my traveling companions ventured out to walk along the Seine River today. I was amazed to learn that there are 37 bridges across the Seine River within Paris!  When they returned, I overheard them chatting about the 'old man under the bridge'. They had stumbled on him during their walk. In their eagerness to remember him they each painted an image of him. I was certainly impressed with their paintings and how they had captured the old man. 

I decided that it was my turn to venture out and get a look at him myself. Tonight I finally decided to take on the sketching and painting challenge ... but I think my patience was limited and I'm not so happy with my results... Maybe next time I'll slow down and be more patient -- and pay more attention to the paint drying....

P.S. The old man is part of the decorations that are part of the architecture of the bridge.


Pat said...

I love your post and I love your old man under the bridge sketch. It is bringing back memories of when I was there. Thanks

lori vliegen said...

i think this old man turned out great! i'm so impressed with your tour of paris so far!!

and, thanks so much claire for your visits to my blog!! :))

Krista Meister said...

What I love about Laure's classes is that it's not about the finished product. They're supposed to look like sketches, right? It's about honing our skills within the timeframe allotted. I think your Father Harvest figure provides a lot of detail and shows your artistic growth!

Claire M said...

I agree - Laure's class is helping with the process -- and I look forward to using the techniques that I'm learning with each assignment on future projects.