Monday, December 21, 2009

My Visit to Sacred Heart

Today was a different venture for us. We went to La Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, or what we know of as Sacred Heart.  Laure described it to us as looking as a wedding cake and she was right.  To get to it we had quite a journey traversing steep hills and staircase streets all the way up to Montmartre. Along the way we came upon many spots that offered sweeping views of the city below. We were sidetracked at first with some of the souvenir shops along the way but we eventually reached the top. Sacred Heart was quite an impressive sight and I started to worry about how I could do justice to paint it in my journal. It was certainly going to be a challenge. But, I was so glad that we got up to see it up close in all its splendor. The architecture is definitely impressive and the stained glass windows are absolutely beautiful! I only wish we could have stayed longer to soak in all of the beauty. This really is a trip to remember!!

<<< from my continuing adventures in Laure Ferlita's An Imaginary Trip to Paris class >>>


AutumnLeaves said...

My goodness but you are making a beautiful little travelogue and travel book of this beautiful city! So wonderfully done, Claire!

Laure Ferlita said...

The thumbnail of this reminded me of a fairy tale castle in a children's book!

lori vliegen said...

another gorgeous parisian journal entry, claire!! and your flower market painting is tres magnifique!!!
i hope you have a beautiful holiday, and i'm wishing you much happiness and creativity in the new year!!
xox, :))

Mary Paquet said...

Claire, you've done such a great job of capturing the places and the atmosphere of Paris that I feel like you were tagging on on my trips. I especially loved how you used your Mom's photo to create one of the entries.

Have a great holiday with your family.

Krista Meister said...

You did indeed do this majestic building wonderful justice!