Friday, June 26, 2009

A Simple Act of Kindness

This page was done on an evening when I had a desire to sketch and paint, but nothing really in mind for a subject. Again I looked around and I found the simple tin of candy that my mother gave to me this spring. Thanks Mom!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Reflections

Thoughts of my Dad surrounded me all day yesterday on Father's Day. It made me want to sketch and paint some sort of memory of Dad, but I didn't know quite where to start - or what to use as an image. I mentioned what I wanted to do to Mom and she was eager to help me. Mom found a small box with mementos that Dad kept in his nightstand. I chose a couple simple objects to include in my sketch. I really enjoyed sketching Dad's keepsakes, and thinking about when and where he must have got them. Sketching this page was a memorable way to spend part of the special day.

One of the special 'finds' that I came across while looking through Dad's keepsakes, was
a handmade Father's Day card that I made for Dad many, many years ago - one of those humble homemade cards that only a parent could love. But, the homemade card held a new significance to me now as I am trying to put more focus creating art. The thought of my Dad keeping this card for many years, certainly brought a smile to my face, and it felt like Dad was encouraging me to pursue my art.

Embarrassing as it might be.... I share the cover and last page of the card with you here now. The card included other pages, but I'm just posting images of the first and last pages, along with all the text from the card (complete with original misspellings and capitalization!!):


He Hammers on nails
Fixes sails
Waves Hi
And says good by

He eats his dinner

And never gets thinner

He trains the cat

And is the same
He Kisses my Mother

And my brother

And Best of all

He is my Father.
Happy Father's Day!!

Remember we all started somewhere.....

Every child is an artist. The problem now is how to
remain an artist once we grow up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sketch Day with Friends

I recently enjoyed a Saturday afternoon sketching with friends. It is so energizing to get with other people that are also interested in sketching and watercolors. When we're together we do lots of talking, a bit of eating, and some art sharing. This time we also worked a bit in our journals and the time just flew by. It sure seems like the fun is multiplied when you share the experience with friends. I can't wait for our next get together!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Painting in a rose garden

Last month I took a one day class with Maryjo Koch in a rose garden. There weren't many fresh blooms on the rose bushes that day, but we found many things to sketch in the vast gardens. This is an image that I did while sitting in a chair on a shaded deck. I was lucky to find a few roses within sight of the shaded deck.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nasturtiums in bloom

Last month I had the opportunity to spend the day sketching and doing watercolor as part of a class near Santa Cruz. Looking for something to sketch and paint, I came across these Nasturtiums. I've always had a fondness for them, but so far I haven't managed to get them growing in my own yard.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mother's Day

I did something different for Mother's Day this year. With 2 of my 3 boys out of the house (and out of town) I decided that it was an opportunity for me to spend the day with my own mom. I invited Mom in advance to join me for a "girls day". Mom and I enjoyed a nice brunch at the Allied Arts Center in Menlo Park, and walked around the gardens. Afterwards, we visited Stanford Shopping Center which was also a picturesque place to walk amid all of the spring flowers. On my way to take Mom home I suggested that we take time to stop by Peets Coffee to reflect on our day. Mom didn't know... but I had brought some homemade biscotti to share with her along with our drinks. The biscotti was in a Mother's Day care package from my oldest son, Ryan. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun reconnecting, and the time at Peets was a perfect way to end our day.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memories of Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

My sketching has become less frequent than it was at the beginning of the year, and I really miss it. But, sometimes other things get in the way and I am grateful for the time that I can find to work with my art supplies. I painted this page last month when I was really missing working in my sketchbook. Sometimes I get stumped about what to draw and paint.

I eventually settled on a small ceramic lighthouse that was a souvenir from a trip along the coast in Northern California. I had a fun evening sketching the lighthouse figurine, and it brought back fun memories of my visits to the lighthouse. I remember visiting the Point Cabrillo lighthouse at least two times with my family. On one visit we were joined by my parents, and the other visit we were joined by my college roommate and her family. I treasure my memories of both adventures.