Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Saturday morning I looked outside and was delighted to see good weather for the weekend. I was overdue on completing my yearly task of getting all of my roses pruned. Two weeks earlier I managed to prune about half of them, but the remaining half hung over my head during the recent rains. So, with the sun out - I was headed to the backyard to finish my pruning task. I enjoyed the quiet time in the yard by myself - and did a bit of reflecting as I worked. It was pretty exhausting task, but I felt such a relief when I finished the whole job. Mission Accomplished!!

Later in the day when I was thinking of something to sketch -- I thought of my old clippers that I cherish because my Dad gave them to me, and my work gloves that were very dirty from use. I set the clippers and dirty gloves on the table and then lost myself in drawing and painting them. I thoroughly enjoyed the artistic outlet and reflection on my adventures in the garden. Now I can't wait for my roses to bloom!


Margaret Ann said...

OOOOH How delightful! I have a pair of faithful old clippers very similar to these...How neat that these were your dad's! What a super capture of your gardening gloves...the little nubby bits...the soiled finger tips-just perfect! What a great day you must have had! :)

john.p said...

I had to look this up after your reference on my blog. Nice work! That's the journaling I like. And the less-than-clean touch is nice, too.

freebird said...

I came over with your link to see last year's version. I think I like both but I like this year's version best. Love these gloves too!