Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time to say Goodbye...

Another sign of spring is seeing Girl Scouts and Brownies out selling Girl Scout cookies. These cookies sure are popular and they've been a tradition for a long time. Growing up I remember the anticipation ... 'what types should we order'? and 'how many boxes can we order'? I don't ever remember selling Girl Scout cookies myself (although I was a Brownie, I was never a "Girl Scout"), and as a mother of 3 boys we've never had the task or opportunity to sell them, but they've become part of our family tradition just the same. Our family favorite is Thin Mints, and I always remember to by some Trefoils (old-fashioned shortbread) as well because they are my personal favorite. The official sale is now over, and I'm rationing the supply that I purchased. When they're gone - there're gone, and ... we'll just have to wait until next year.... ;-)

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Margaret Ann said...

OOOOOH ! I can soooooooo relate to this one...I keep these little treasures in the freezer...only a box and a half left...mmmm mmmm good! :)

NIce sketch! :)