Monday, November 16, 2009

A September Evening in Paris

<<< from my adventures in Laure Ferlita's An Imaginary Trip to Paris class >>>

Last night was yet another memorable evening in Paris.   We all agreed to put on our fanciest clothes and meet at L'Ambroisie for a special dinner. This restaurant was recommended in one of my guide books for having fine food, a renowned wine list and a chocolate tart that is 'out of this world'. I was excited because I was certainly in the mood for a good glass of wine. L'Ambroisie turned out to be a perfect spot to unwind in for dinner on a cool evening. We all enjoyed settling into the deep burgundy velvet chairs - which were perfect to warm us up from the chill of the evening air. Our waiter was very friendly and attentive, and he even provided some humor for the evening with his many tales of Paris.    


Pat said...

I am enjoying your virtual trip almost as much as you are.

lori vliegen said...

your illustrations and stories of paris are SO delightful....almost better than the real thing!! :))