Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas cookies

2008-12-30 As long as I can remember, one of the exciting things about Christmas was all of the extra baking that we did. One family favorite cookie was Spritz. A very dear neighbor, Doris, taught our family how to make these special cookies. We used a Mirro Cookie Press - and they are now hard to find.

Growing up I would make the Spritz with my grandmother, Grammy, as well as my mom. Through the years I've made them with my sons Ryan, Sean, and Kevin. It just doesn't seem like Christmas around our house unless we've made some Spritz ... of course they 'vanish' very quickly.


ahlaam421 said...

I have the same cookie press! I saved up "Gold Bond" stamps (Texas) when I was a teenager and got the press. I still try to make Sprtiz every Christmas. This year was the first in a long while that didn't! Isn't that old press the coolest thing? Love your painting. Oh man, that means that my press is !!!!! years old, yikes!

Kristin said...

I have my grandmother's Mirro cookie press with original owner's manual and all the cookie shapes. I don't use it anymore as it's long been replaced with a SuperShooter, but I keep it for the sentimental value.