Monday, January 12, 2009

Sketch Crawl #21 - Santa Cruz Tower Clock

On Saturday, January 10 I traveled to Santa Cruz to meet some people I've never met before to participate in the world wide Sketch Crawl #21. It seemed like an interesting adventure. I met Kristin (who initiated the Santa Cruz gathering), Lois, and Jacqueline. We met at the Tower Clock and sketched it. I was only able to capture the top portion. It will be fun to go back and sketch it again so that I can include the red bricks at the bottom. I heard that the clock survived the 1989 quake, but that it did STOP when the quake occurred.


MJ said...
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MJ said...

Hi there Claire, I enjoyed visiting your sketches and wish I could have joined you all in Santa Cruz. Maybe one day! I'm in WA State but my lil sis lives in Los Altos and I visit for a few weeks every year. Would be great fun. I posted here earlier too but messed it up so started over. Will be looking forward to your caligraphy posts on your other site. Keep up your pages! I need to concentrate too but we're in the middle of downsizing and so busy. I'm also a great fan of Moleskin sketchbooks, particular the watercolor sketchbook. Drop a note if you like:

Have a great weekend, and happy painting! Oh, loved your autumn leaf watercolors.

Kristin said...

Hi, Claire! I'm so glad you came to Santa Cruz to sketch with me and the others. It was fun and very motivating.

We'll do it again soon - promise!