Sunday, May 3, 2009

Anniversary reflection

Its amazing how time passes, especially as you get older.... April was a milestone for me -- I've been blessed with 30 years of marriage to my husband. My recent blog images are from our little anniversary get-away to San Luis Obispo in California. It was sad to see our trip come to an end, and go back to our normal routines. I am thankful for our trip, it was a wonderful chance for us to get away, reconnect, and celebrate our significant anniversary. I came home with many new memories, and my simple journal pages to cherish.

This is the final image from our trip and it sort of summarizes some of the things that we did during our anniversary trip. My husband and I spent our precious days together relaxing and touring around the San Luis Obispo area. I've included the names of some of the places that we visited. The two brown background images are street signs for major streets in SLO. Since my college days (we both went to Cal Poly) I've always loved the lettering and style of the San Luis Obispo street signs. Most of the other images are related to our various meals and stops for something to drink. Another love of mine is California Poppies (the state flower), and we saw many during our trip.

The original is a two page spread in my Moleskine, so my middle son Sean helped out with graphics support by gluing the two pages together. Thanks Sean!!


john.p said...

Thanks for sharing the travel sketches. Sounds like a nice get-away. I don't even know that area and it was relaxing to read where you went, and I always love coffee shops.

bubblemunch said...

This is so beautifully painted.
I love all of the different lettering, the poppy and the whole layout.
Congratulations on your anniversary.

Krista Meister said...

What a wonderful way to remember your trip and your anniversary!

Claire M said...

Thanks for your feedback. It was so fun taking little bits of time to record our ventures and summarize at the end, and it is fun to share the work with you via this blog.