Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cafe Andreini

On the last full day of our anniversary get-away we explored areas south of San Luis Obispo. One of our final stops was for coffee in Arroyo Grande. This cute cafe was suggested to us by our oldest son Ryan. He wanted to make sure that we celebrated our milestone. I had to call Ryan in Texas from my cell phone in the car in order to get directions to the cafe. Meanwhile Ryan had to search on the internet to remember the name of it, and where it was. I'm happy to report that our efforts paid off and were very worth it. My husband and I enjoyed some time relaxing in the cafe with our hot drinks. While he read a book, I sketched this page. Ryan highly recommended their Chai Latte so I spoiled myself with two drinks - my usual Vanilla Latte and the Chai Latte. Yum!!

After our coffee stop, we headed north and enjoyed watching the sun go down from various spots on the coast on our way. The day was coming to a close in the same way that our short get-away was coming to an end.

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