Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm a bit behind in my posting... This winter I spent some time in the garden doing pruning and general clean-up. Its lots of work to do some general clean-up in the yard in preparation for the coming spring. An afternoon in March I was out in the yard and I was quite taken to see the new growth appearing on a variety of our plants and trees. I took a couple of photos and then chose 3 images to sketch: a Gerbera daisy plant (my grandmother's favorite) on the left, a rose bush, and a tomato plant. Seeing the new growth, and anticipating the coming blooms and harvest, certainly boosted my spirits, and sure felt like a reward for the efforts spent cleaning up the yard. I felt excited as I anticipated the further growth of everything in my garden. Anticipation is fun - just like planning for and anticipating a vacation.

I'm having so much fun checking in on my garden now - especially all of my roses which are blooming.
It will be fun to try my hand at sketching the flowers as they bloom, and vegetables as they ripen.


Anonymous said...

You should sketch them as they bloom and ripen, especially since I won't be home to relax by the pond and enjoy it all there with you all Mom...

Pat said...

Hey Claire,
Your sketch is wonderful, of course. Can't wait to see your spring growth through your eyes and your art. I was doing the samething in my garden this week. Happy gardening.

bubblemunch said...

So lovely and delicate.

I love the layout. Almost like "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady". I like that the pencil guide lines are left.
Will we see them as they bloom?
I think I know exactly how you are feeling.
We got a small Maple and checked it everyday for signs of new growth, swelling buds... and now it's in it's full peachy coloured glory.

Krista Meister said...

I also like the idea that you should sketch them as they bloom and ripen. They look lovely they way you've drawn them.