Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Scoop

After driving down the coast a bit, my husband and I walked around Pismo Beach. We were a bit surprised that it didn't seem as quaint as some of our other stops during our get-away. We were heading back to San Luis Obispo when my husband suggested that we get some ice-cream. This was unusual as he doesn't normally eat it. He found a hole-in-the wall ice-cream place in an old strip mall and we went in and made our choice. I chose the Kona Coffee and Espresso Chip, and he opted for Rainbow Sherbert. The cold treat just hit the spot! Although the little shop didn't look like anything special, I did want to remember the special time and I loved the lettering on the window, The SCOOP.


Rick said...

I would go with your husband's choice.

Pat said...

It has been years since I traveled that part of the coastline to the spots you have mentioned. Thanks for the memories. I love your lettering.

Claire M said...

Thanks for the feedback. It is a joy to share these images with you.